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V-day Love Stones

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching I thought it would be a good time to touch on some of my all time favorite love stones. Whether you are looking to attract love from an outside source such as a romantic partner or family member, or you are simply seeking to strengthen your own self love, these recommended stones are sure to do the trick.

Rose Quartz

First up we have the most commonly recommended love stone on the market, rose quartz. Just like clear quartz, it has the ability to dispel negative energy and attract positivity into one’s life. Rose quartz is associated with the Heart Chakra and when worn as a necklace or used in reiki, can open the chakra to allow love to flow freely at all levels. It is commonly used by women during meditation due to its calming effect and ability to aid in understanding matters involving relationships.

One of the best physical healing properties of rose quartz is its ability to promote a healthy reproductive system for women. Many women who experience difficulty getting pregnant or suffer from various reproductive system ailments are directed to keep rose quartz close by when trying to get pregnant or place the stone near the lower stomach area when relaxing alone.


This stone is particularly useful to those who may be alone this Valentine’s day and are experiencing a broken heart or emotional trauma. Emotional pain can lead us down a path of harboring anger, resentment, and even hatred. Although those feelings are perfectly natural for someone who is in pain, they can lead to abusive and self-destructive behaviours. When used in meditation, rhodonite can help release those feelings and promote forgiveness and reconciliation.


Although not a traditional stone of love, Moonstone does actually possess qualities that promote self love as well as mend hearts after a lovers quarrel. If things have been turbulent in your romantic relationship, this crystal will be sure to help clear things up.

Moonstone is associated with the crown chakra, which connects us to higher planes of existence. When the crown chakra is balanced, the energy of the entire body becomes balanced, which means less stress, anxiety, and pain, and more harmony and peace within. As the name suggests, this stone is known to be more powerful at night under any moon phase (but particularly powerful under a new moon).

If worn regularly, this stone can attract a great abundance of love your way. Keep this stone on your night stand while sleeping next to your partner to help alleviate tension after a fight and promote a new spark of passion.

If any of these stones seem like they would be a good fit in your life feel free to check out what we have available in the shop! If you are wanting a special piece made just for you or a loved one, feel free to contact us with details of what you are wanting.

Stay loving, my good-hearted friends. And have a wonderful Valentine’s day!

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