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Let's Get Lit(ha) this Summer Solstice!

June is the month when we celebrate Litha or the Summer Solstice. It’s the longest day of the year and a great time to get outside to take advantage of the extra sunlight.

Celebrating Litha can take on many forms: crafting your own besom, acting out an epic battle between the Holly King and the Oak King, or maybe you’re getting ready for your handfasting ceremony?

This year the Freya’s Fire team is lucky enough to be able to spend Litha together and, true to our name, we’ll be lighting a big bonfire for our Midsummer Night fire ritual!

However you decide to celebrate this year, here are three of our favorite stones that pay tribute to the sun:


Citrine was once thought to be a stone that could harness pure sunlight. It is a stone that disperses negative energy and promotes positive attitudes.

Sun Stone

Sun Stones come in a range of colors that mimic sunsets and sunrises – from colorless and yellow, all the way to deep red. These stones encourage independence and originality and attract fame and unexpected prosperity.

Bumblebee Jasper

This stone finds its home near the equator in Indonesia, flying as close to the sun as it can get. It brings the energy of the sun to the mind and intellect and elevates mood and stimulates curiosity and creativity.

Keep the warmth and light of the sun with you at any time by getting your own custom Summer Solstice pendant. Click here to place your order!

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