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Dragon is known universally as a fierce and powerful totem of protection. Anyone who walks with the spirit of Dragon by their side is graced with great wisdom, success, and the ability to see magic. She rewards those who have true courage and will show adventure to those who seek it. Dragon’s eye in particular symbolizes the ability to see past fabrications and illusions to reveal deeper, hidden truths and provide the wisdom so that one knows what to do with the discovered information.Dragon comes in many different colors and forms, each with their own special set of abilities and powers.

Description: This pendant represents Water Dragon. If Water Dragon has called to you it is because you are drawn to it’s calm energy and go-with-the-flow attitude. She asks us to meditate more often and connect with our emotions so that we can better understand ourselves. In turn, this leads to a better understanding of the people around us and the world we live in.

Wire type: Bare Copper

Wire Color: Antiqued

Water Dragon

  • Do not get wet as it will result in tarnishing the metal plating on this item.

  • We offer several options to turn your pendant into a necklace or a keychain. Here are the details for the various options:


    Single Black Cord Necklace (Free)

    Keychain (+$3.00) *Only offered on limited products

    Silver Chain (+$5.00 for lengths up to 24", +$8.00 for lengths 30" and longer)

    Copper Chain (+$5.00 for lengths up to 24", +$8.00 for lengths 30" and longer)

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