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This naturally scented soy candle is a wonderful ritual tool to help manifest protection, balance, and strength

The top of the candle features removable cactus charms and pipe tobacco

The aeromatic scent of sweet tobacco, whiskey, and smoke from an outdoor campfire will have you feeling like you're ready to tackle the world cowboy style.


Size: 8oz

Wax: Soy

Scent: whiskey, suede and smoke, sweet tobacco

Wax Color: cream

Tin color: black


If you haven't made the switch to soy candles yet, here are some reasons why many people prefer them over traditional paraffin wax candles:


~They are biodegradable! Let's keep things as green as possible!

~They burn up to 50% longer than regular candles! Which saves you $$

~Soybeans are a natural, renewable resource

~Cleaner burn! No petro-carbon soot

Save a Horse 8oz

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