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This naturally scented soy candle is a wonderful ritual tool for Throat Chakra work and helps with purification and cleansing.

The top of the candle features an ocean charm, pearls, and flower pedals

Cool off with a staycation by the pool this season! These light, summer fragrances are just what the doctor ordered


Size: 8oz

Wax: Soy

Scent: cucumber melon, Honeysuckle, bamboo, coconut

Wax Color: Blue

Tin color: black


If you haven't made the switch to soy candles yet, here are some reasons why many people prefer them over traditional paraffin wax candles:


~They are biodegradable! Let's keep things as green as possible!

~They burn up to 50% longer than regular candles! Which saves you $$

~Soybeans are a natural, renewable resource

~Cleaner burn! No petro-carbon soot

Pool Party 8oz

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