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Named after Gaia, a primordial goddess and personification of planet Earth

The Tree of Life has a plethora of meanings across many cultures.  Connectivity to one's surroundings, connection to family and ancestors, a symbol of growth and evolution and rebirth, strength, and positivity. 

Featured stones: Labradorite and Genuine Australian Opal


Labradorite is not only beautiful, as it flashes its majestic colors with every glimmer of light, but also quite useful as a stone that enhances mental and psychic abilities. Use this stone to move easily between realms or when wanting to make a deeper connection with oneself during meditation. 

Wire type: Bare Copper

Wire Color: oxidized/black


  • Do not get wet as it will result in tarnishing the metal plating on this item.

  • We offer several options to turn your pendant into a necklace or a keychain. Here are the details for the various options:


    Single Black Cord Necklace (Free)

    Keychain (+$3.00) *Only offered on limited products

    Silver Chain (+$5.00 for lengths up to 24", +$8.00 for lengths 30" and longer)

    Copper Chain (+$5.00 for lengths up to 24", +$8.00 for lengths 30" and longer)

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